FLEX Farmhouse Kids Table


  • Our patent pending FLEX system allows tables, chairs, desks, etc. to grow with your child.
  • Your table will literally ‘grow up’ with your children and be passed down to the next generation. It is sturdy, solid, dependable, and beautiful!
  • FLEX leg extensions blend in with the design and are easily attached and removed.
  • All extensions store neatly in a hidden compartment under the table, chair or desk.
  • Ships in 12 – 14 days.

* Questions about Wood & Stain Options 

Stain or Finish varies with wood choice: select WOOD CHOICE to view options.

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Welcome to Specially 4 Kids, home of the Flexible Leg Extension System or FLEX for short. This is a system we designed to expand and grow as your child does. Our patent-pending leg design system allows for tables, chairs, desks and other furniture pieces with legs to grow in height to meet the ever-changing needs of your maturing child. Our system is beneficial because it allows the consumer to buy a table and chairs or other furniture with legs that can be used over multiple years instead of continually having to buy new items.

Our Farmhouse rectangular table has an overall size of 42″ long and is 22″ wide. It starts out at a height of 21″ and with the FLEX system in place, it grows to 24″. It also comes complete with another set of legs that will raise the table from 26″ to 29″ which is standard table height. This means that you can purchase a table that will grow in height from being able to accommodate a child of approximately 3 years of age until they become an adult. How cool is that!

We make our Farmhouse Kid’s Table by hand, just for you, in our shop. We do not sell mass produced items or outsource our work to others. Every furniture piece we sell is hand crafted with pride and built in the U.S.A. from American Hardwoods. This gives our products great strength and beauty and assures that the quality and durability you have come to expect with our products is continued on with our line of children’s furniture. We also offer our tables and chairs in a painted finish. If you choose this option, the tables and/or chairs will be painted, while the top of the table and the seat of the chair will be made from clear finished Maple or Red Oak. This provides a durable surface which will hold up better than a painted surface alone will. The table top is also available in a plastic laminate. Please contact us for details.

All leg extensions are stored neatly and securely underneath the table in their own enclosed storage compartment. This means you never lose the parts and everything is contained in one area. Simple and convenient! The table is available with a handy storage drawer. This extra storage is useful for keeping crayons, pencils, writing tablets or just about anything close at hand and easily accessible. It is convenient to have materials right at your children’s fingertips. All supplies can quickly be put away in their proper place when playtime is over.

You may order this table with a drawer, but because of the depth of the table, we only offer either a drawer or storage for the extra leg with the FLEX system. If you choose to have a drawer, the extra legs will come packaged separately so they can be stored until you need them. If you decide you do not want a drawer, the extra legs can be stored underneath.

This table pairs well with our benches for the younger set and with the larger chair as the table increases in height. We think this table paired with a matching chair would make a fine writing desk for a child with lots of space to spread out.

At family dinners, many children are relegated to sit at the ‘kid’s table’ while the adults sit at the ‘grown-up table’. Instead of sitting at a flimsy card table, your children will have the pleasure of dining at a solid wood table that is beautiful and durable. Some family members who purchased the table tell us their children would rather sit at their own table than with grownups! You can purchase your Farmhouse Kid’s FLEX table from several types of hardwoods and stain colors. Make your investment today in something that will last for years and be passed down to the next generation!

Additional information

Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 42 x 22 x 21 in

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Stain or Finish

American Heritage, Caramel Apple, Chocolate Caramel, Cinnamon Stick, Cool Slate – Clear Maple Top, Cool Slate – Clear Oak Top, Cool Slate (Paint), Delicate White – Clear Maple Top, Delicate White – Clear Oak Top, Delicate White (Paint), Honey Spice, Kangaroo – Clear Maple Top, Kangaroo – Clear Oak Top, Kangaroo (Paint), Natural Cherry, Natural Hickory, Natural Maple, Natural Red Oak, Natural Walnut, Natural White Oak, Nutmeg, Red Rock Canyon, Roasted Chestnut – Clear Maple Top, Roasted Chestnut – Clear Oak Top, Roasted Chestnut (Paint), Roasted Coffee Bean, Spun Gold, Sunset Ridge, Tawny Gold, Worn Black – Clear Maple Top, Worn Black – Clear Oak Top, Worn Black (Paint)

Farmhouse Table Drawer

1 Drawer and No Space to Store Extra Legs, No Drawer | Space to Store the Extra Set of Legs


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